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Meet The Team

Health Care Center in Cortland, New York

Groton Community Health Care Center is proud to introduce to you our friendly, compassionate and qualified team who will work with you during your stay in our center.

  • Patrick Deptula, President & CEO
  • Dr. Darshan Patel, Medical Director
  • Deborah Shepard, Director of Nursing
  • Doreen Crocamo, IRA Program Manager
  • Christine Warner, Director of Rehabilitation
  • Rhonda Butzer, Director of Finance
  • Miranda Smith, Director of Social Services
  • Laurie Sherwood, Interim, Activities Department
  • Lee Burlingame, Director of Facilities/Safety Officer
  • Ginny Huszagh, Dietitian
  • Kristy Cisneros, Director of Food Service
  • Jennifer Shaben, Director of Human Resources
  • Corinne Nielsen, Director of EVS
  • Lori Soop, Director of Admissions/Informatics Nurse

We also have skilled nurses, certified nursing assistants and licensed practical nurses, among others in our team.

Experience how our team cares for your health. Call us at 607-898-5876 today.

Our Mission

Groton Community Health Care Center is a non-profit committed to serving the community providing person-centered, compassionate, and exceptional care through rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and community based programs.

Our Vision

To excel as the community's provider of choice through innovation, commitment, continuous improvement, and excellence.

Groton Community Health Care Center

120 Sykes Street
Groton, New York 13073 607-898-5876