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Admission Process – What to Expect
We recognize that an admission to a skilled nursing facility is a new experience for many of our incoming residents, and we are here to lend support to make the admissions process and transition to our facility run as smoothly as possible for all involved.

All skilled nursing facilities operate within a set of medical standards and boundaries of law that establish the criteria for an individual being admitted to a skilled nursing facility. Most often residents of long-term care are admitted from the hospital with discharge planners making the referral to the facility. Referrals for admission also come from assisted living facilities, home health service providers, personal inquiries, hospice, social service agencies or personal physicians. We are happy to walk you through what information we will need to properly screen an individual for possible placement with us.

The admission process consists of paperwork to cover many important details for both the family and the skilled nursing facility. A variety of sources have regulations that require a resident and/or their representative to be informed of rights, choices to make, procedures to follow, limitations of service, behavioral restrictions, financial obligations, facility policies and other requirements, benefits, and services governing care in the skilled nursing facility. The paperwork and the information covered may seem extensive; however, it is crucial for a successful transition into the facility.

Groton Community Health Care Center will provide the following basic services upon admission included in the daily rate:

  • Board (including therapeutic diets) as prescribed by a physician
  • Lodging: (clean, healthful, sheltered environment, properly outfitted)
  • 24-hour nursing care and assistance with personal care
  • Use of customarily stocked equipment,(i.e. walker, wheelchair) excluding any item prescribed by a physician for sole use by a specific resident
  • Bed linens
  • Laundry service
  • General household medicine, except for specific items as indicated and prescribed for a specific resident
  • Assistance and/or supervision with ADL’s
  • Activities Program including religious services
  • Social Services to assist with social, emotional, financial concerns

Interested in learning more? Please contact us at 607-898-5876 ask to speak with Mary Pai or Michelle Francis in Admissions.

Find out if you or your loved one is eligible for admission into our services. Get in touch with us to receive assistance from the staff at Groton Community Health Care Center:

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