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Corporate Compliance

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What is Corporate Compliance?
As part of our commitment to the highest ethical standards and good corporate citizenship, we developed a Corporate Compliance program to assist in conducting all of our business activities with integrity and in accordance with applicable guidelines, rules and regulations.

Reporting Illegal or Unethical Conduct:
Groton Community Health Care Center is committed to the establishment of a culture that promotes the prevention, detection and resolution of instances of conduct that do not conform to the law, rules, regulations or to the policies such as code of ethics, billing standards of conduct, conflict of interest or financial reporting.

If YOU, in good faith suspect or know that the laws, rules, regulation or organizational policies have been violated you should report the violation to:
Chris Williams: Corporate Compliance Officer
120 Sykes Street
Groton, New York 13073
Phone: 607-898-5876 x271
Email: cwilliams@grotonhealth.org

In addition, you may also report any violation to the President & CEO or the Corporate Compliance Committee.

Any individual who wishes to remain anonymous may use Groton’s confidential Compliance helpline to report compliance-related issues or concerns via:

  • Corporate Compliance Hotline: 607-898-5876 ext. 238
  • Corporate Compliance Drop box located outside the employee break room
  • Email: groton@grotonhealth.org
  • Fax to: 607-898-3587

*All anonymous complaints should disclose all facts and other relevant information regarding the alleged violation so the compliant can be thoroughly investigated.

Once a compliant is made the Corporate Compliance Officer will start an investigation that involves:

  • Interviewing the individual filing the report, unless anonymously, as soon as possible after the report is filed.
  • Interview any witnesses or other individuals with knowledge regarding the suspected violation.
  • Assemble and review all appropriate documentation.
  • Interview the alleged wrongdoer.
  • Complete the investigation.
  • Corporate Compliance Officer will file a report with the Corporate Compliance Committee detailing the substance of the violation, the evidence discovered, the Compliance Officers findings and the recommended corrective action.
  • Corrective action will be implemented with the assistance of the President & CEO, Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee.

All reports will be handled as confidentially as practical and/or as allowed by law.

There will be no harassment or retaliation against employees or others who reports concerns in good faith. There will be no employee to employee harassment or retaliation. Any covered party reporting suspected fraud, waste or abuse is protected under the Whistleblowers’ Protection Act 469 of 1980. All reports of wrongdoing will be evaluated promptly, thoroughly and fairly by persons having sufficient level of expertise and knowledge with regards to the issue presented by the reporter. Reports may be made anonymously.

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120 Sykes Street
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